Words of Advice

Words of Advice

General thing that you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T DO


Don’t ...bring your US$ Bank Notes with series of CA,CB,CF,DB,DH and AB or below year 2000. Those are not valid in Indonesia and might get difficulties in exchange them and get less value. 

  1. Don’t ...make any scratch, notes, stapler or others on your foreign currency bank note, because no shops will accept them
  2. Don’t ...forget to bring your passport (or a photocopy of your ID) with you at all times.
  3. Don’t ...swim outside designated swimming areas. Currents can be very strong so swim between red and yellow flags.
  4. Don’t ...do drugs! It could lead to death penalty. Enough foreigners reside in Bali in courtesy of the Govt. prison service!
  5. Don’t ...touch people’s heads - it is very offensive to Hindus.
  6. Don’t ....enter a temple during menstruation. Sorry Ladies!
  7. Don’t ...forget to add salt to your food and to drink lots of water - you probably sweat more here than at home.
  8. Don’t ...worry too much about the ice - it’s government quality controlled in established bars and restaurants.
  9. Don’t ....forget to look and listen while crossing the road. Cars may stop, motorbikes may not!
  10. Don’t ...forget to reconfirm your flight 72 hours prior to departure date. Airport Departure Tax currently is: International = Rp. 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah) Domestic = Rp. 40,000 (forty thousand rupiah)


  1. Do ...change money at a reputable registered money changers, use your own  calculator before changing!
  2. Do ...put on loads of High Factor Waterproof Sun Cream (especially if you intend to spend a lot of time in the water). 
  3. Do ...drink a lot of bottled water and eat a lot of fresh fruit - do your body a favor. 
  4. Do ...be careful with your belongings at all times. Crime is on the increase and can ruin your holiday. Cases of handbag snatching have been reported so please leave 
  5. important documents in your hotel’s/villa’s safety box and carry photo-copies. Then wear your bag across your shoulders! 
  6. Do ....try not to step on offerings in the street (walk around them).
  7. Do ...respect the slow pace of processions. If stuck behind one don’t honk your horn!
  8. Do ...haggle when buying (except on price-tagged goods.) 
  9. Do ...buy ‘Imodium’ to relieve about of Bali belly. 
  10. Do ..have a great holiday!

Attending Ceremonies
Remember these are serious occasions and should be treated as such. Religious guidelines:

  1. Always wear a sarong and sash. 
  2. Do not walk in front of people that are praying. 
  3. Do not use a flash camera or point your camera into the priest’s face! 
  4. Never sit higher than the priest or the offerings. 
  5. At cremations, do not get in the way of the attendees - however important that photographic opportunity is! 
  6. Women are not allowed to enter temples during menstruation.

When attending Special Ceremonies or Anniversary Celebrations as a guest or onlooker, small donations are gratefully received. Your donations will help in paying for the offerings and upkeep of the temple.

Dangerous sports
Make sure you either have personal insurance or travel insurance that will cover any accidents!

In Bali, always expect the un-expected, always keep your eyes open and your mind on driving. Beware of motorbikes! It is best to rent a car with full insurance as this will save time and money if you are involved in an accident.

Money Changers
Be very careful when changing your money. Always check the rate of exchange and commission (if any). Most importantly, always count your money before you leave the premises and, if you can, bring your own calculator as the ones used by some places can be a little ‘inaccurate’.

Petty Crime
There have been a few cases of handbags being snatched after tourists have cashed money at Banks or Money Changers! Put your money away in your ‘bum-bag’ or hold onto your hand- bag tightly!!! 

When changing large amounts of money please check each note carefully as there are a number of (noticeably) fake notes in circulation. 

When trying on garments do not take your jewelry off and leave it lying around give it to a friend or leave it in the hotel safe.

Swimming in the sea
Currents and undertows can be strong. Always swim between the red and yellow flags and don’t swim too far out! Please, do not leave your belongings unattended on the beach.

Thank you for respecting these suggestions.