Accommodation | Villa Mahapala, Sanur, Bali - Indoinesia



Villa Mahapala offers twenty uniquely-designed villas, and induces a feeling of singularity according to guests’ zodiac signs. All villas feature signature designs, echoing the same mysticism of zodiac symbols combined with contemporary Balinese architecture. The Resort offers two types of villas featuring either a bold or subtle color scheme that defines "masculinity" or "femininity".


Darker colors in these villas are featured in the use of dark brown wood, parquet flooring and stone paving. The furnishings and decorations are square and solid with a more masculine undertone. The interior design is simple and classy, with contemporary touches employing an interesting mix of glass and metal. 


The feminine decor of these villas is mirrored in the soft colors of the cream marble, terrazzo and light brown parquet flooring.  This stylistic theme extends throughout the villa with carefully selected interior decorations with soft edges and featuring round or oval shapes. While some of the furnishings are modelled on more classical and traditional designs, others apply a more modern slant using a variety of materials such as glass, brass, and copper to give a unique, artistic touch.